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Aslında Hanke daha önce de Bitcoin hakkında olumsuz açıklamalarda bulunmuştu. Ünlü profesör Bitcoin alımının kumar oynamaktan farksız olduğunu, bunun hiçbir teknik analize sahip olmadığını belirtti. Buna rağmen Bitcoin’in her geçen gün daha fazla ilgi çekmesi ve kurumsal yatırımcıların talebine maruz kalması tam tersi bir duruma işaret ediyor. According to Johns Hopkins economist Steve Hanke, Bitcoin cannot truly function as a real currency unless it’s backed by something with stable value. Hanke is known to be harsh towards Bitcoin but he does not discount the cryptocurrency sector as a whole. He believes blockchain can be useful in creating digital assets but remains adamant that these assets need to be backed by real-world ... Economist Steve Hanke: Bitcoin Is Not a Currency, It’s a “Speculative Asset” – Helena Bitcoin Mining Leave a Comment / Crypto mining News / By Cryptocurrency Visit the original article* If you have read Satoshi Nakamoto’s original white paper on Bitcoin, the likely takeaway is that BTC is a currency. Bitcoin and tulips . Hanke is known as one of the biggest Bitcoin skeptics out there. Back in 2018, when BTC was in the middle of its second bear market, he rubbed salt into the wounds of the bulls by comparing crypto to the Dutch tulip mania.. When Bitcoin dropped below $4,000 later that year, he tweeted that buying it was "a fool's game" and urged investors not to get tricked. The well-known economist Steve Hanke believes that Bitcoin is actually a speculative asset, rather than real currency, so let’s read more on what he thought in the Bitcoin news today.. If you have read Satoshi Nakamoto’s original whitepaper, the takeaway is that BTC is a currency: “We have proposed a system for electronic transactions without relying on trust. Steve Hanke – Bitcoin Is Unreliable And Vulnerable To Fraud. Prominent economists have had differing opinions over various issues concerning Bitcoin and other digital currencies, such as hash rates, block sizes, and interest rates. Traditional market analysts, on the other hand, have generally maintained that it is impossible to decentralize the financial system using cryptocurrencies. Unreliability, lack of stability, and susceptibility to fraud will continue to plague this cryptocurrency. Don’t be tricked, buying bitcoin is a fool’s game.” For those that don’t know, Hanke is an economist and professor at John Hopkins University and is well known for his work in the reform of currency. Two years ago in 2018, Hanke ... Steve Hanke, an applied economist at Johns Hopkins University, has dismissed Bitcoin as a ‘highly speculative’ asset in his recent tweet.. image by @steve_hanke. For crypto to become a legitimate cryptocurrency, it has to be tied to a basket of commodities, according to the professor. Prof. Steve Hanke, een beruchte bitcoin (BTC) criticus en econoom bij de John Hopkins University, haalt weer eens uit naar de grootste cryptocurrency op de markt. In een Twitterbericht op 5 oktober verwijst hij naar een recent artikel van de American Institute for Economic Research (AIER). A survey by the @bankofcanada shows that #Canadians with […] Hyperinflation expert Steve Hanke has teamed up with a Mexico City-based blockchain powered currency platform in order to get financial aid to Venezuelans. Hanke, also a professor

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Bitcoin Halving Preparation, Demand Increase, New Mining Farm, No Access & XRP Volume Surge

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